#849: Build and host request for French live ISOs
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Comment (by ausil):
 since i cant comment on the boards ticket ill comment here.
 from memory it came about when it was wanted to host translated lives for
 all of the 14 or so languages in India. the issues were. mostly to do with
 disk space on fedora servers, and mirrors. and releng not wanting to be on
 the hook for making alll the different translated versions. I was on the
 board when the India one came up and we felt that the local team should
 make them and find local hosting. International bandwidth in India and
 many countries where translated spins make the most sense is expensive.
 Having them hosted in the local region makes sense, the amount of
 downloads outside of the region would be few.  Today im still concerned
 about disk use in fedora and on the mirrors, i guess we could put them on
 alt, but I still think its best for local hosting close to the target
 With my release engineering hat on, while this is a request for a single
 language, one will trigger another, and i could easily see it being 20-30
 more lives. that qa and releng will likely not be able to QA. Just because
 we don't understand the languages to ensure that translations are correct
 or to do much without having to blindly guess at some stuff.
 I think we should continue to provide the framework and tooling to allow
 the communities in the different regions to build localised media. I am
 happy to help anyone who has any issues in creating livecds.
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