#136: Request for clarification on localization of Spins
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Comment (by cwickert):
 I feel the board cannot make a decision without knowing the background of
 the historical "We don't do this" decision. So I asked for more info and
 ausil provided [https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/849#comment:8 some
 interesting insights in the FeSCo ticket].
 The decision was mainly based on 3 concerns:
 * hosting, especially disk space
 * lack of QA
 * rel-eng manpower
 This means if we want to make localized spins happen, we need to address
 these 3 issues and need the teams in question (infrastructure, QA, rel-
 eng, spins) to buy in:
 * Disc space should not be a problem as long we don't mirror the images.
 If I understand the french request correctly they want to produce french
 media, so downloading is not so much a problem as having 'official' ISOs
 to build the media from. If not, the french could look for their own
 * QA should not be problem either if we follow the
 [http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Guidelines#Localized_Spins guidelines
 for localized spins]. This means we must not change anything but the
 package listing and the settings for language, keyboard and timezone. We
 then should be able to rely on the Qa that was performed for the
 international images and only do very little additional testing.
 * rel-eng manpower is limited, but producing a localized spin is not much
 work if we restrict it to stable releases. This means we should release
 only after GA and not do all the alphas, betas, RCs and TCs. If rel-eng
 still does not have the manpower, we should allow the local communities to
 build their own ISOs and declare them 'official' upon request.
 Generally I think that localized spins do offer additional value. Now that
 GDM has lost the language and keyboard selection and system-config-
 language is not installed in most spins, I receive a lot of complains that
 people cannot easily install a localized system. There are some things
 that simply cannot be addressed in the English spins like timezone
 settings or the removal of unwanted packages (e.g. unnecessary input
 We should generally allow localized spins if
 * the above issues are solved
 * the teams in question buy in
 * the local community can make sure there is a maintainer and enough
 testers for the spin
 For me this is not really a board issue, but the board could coordinate
 the efforts of the different groups. I think the spins SIG needs to
 clarify the requirements for localized spins first (and as the spins
 wrangler, I am happy to work on this). If the french community is able to
 meet the requirements, we can reach out to the other groups.
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